Friday, May 21, 2004


It is summertime and we love to play, so we won't be posting on the weekends. Use the time to catch all the songs we were offering this week before they disappear and then go have fun yourself. We will be back on Monday with plenty more love to share.

Do you think you have something we want? Why not send it to us? Use the wonderful file sending tool at YouSendIt to email us presents. We love presents. You can also drop us a comment to and tell us what you think. We can't promise we will post your tune, but we offer gratitude regardless.

Today's song selection is from German boy duo B.O.N. (aka Band Ohne Namen) who had a minor English hit with 'Boys'. German pop has always been "closer to the knuckle", as they say, but this song takes the phrase a bit deeper. The chorus in English is a triumph and this is exactly the type of song that Westlife should be covering (or even Busted, in a punk-pop stylee).

MEANWHILE: The kind folks over at GARETH'S LOVE PAVILION have given into the MP3 blog craze and started hosting a few gems of their own. We are especially flattered that they mentioned us.