Thursday, May 20, 2004


We confess our understanding of the French language is inadequate at best, but nothing makes us happier than an English-speaking pop act translating one of their hits for the teenage girls of France and Quebec. We love this so much we will feature an example every Thursday!
Up first is dearly departed British boyband A1. In 2002, they teamed up with Eve Angelie to re-record their hit 'Caught In The Middle' as 'Nos Differences'. We hope you enjoy it and perhaps pick up a little French while you are at it. Click HERE to see the original picture we photocopied for this post.


Go to THIS PAGE to see the lyrics to Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River' translated into French ('Pleure moi une rivère') which, had it been recorded, would have made us very happy. Go to THIS PAGE to see fake Justin porn.

INTERNATIONAL THANKS to Spanish blog CROSSFADER and the brilliant French site of DJ STEPHANE for linking us. We especially like Steph's site which we learned (through Google's translation engine) features the following comment on Frankie Smith's 'Double Dutch':
"I added in my playlist "Double Dutch Bus", of Frankie Smith, piece which remained 4 N°1 weeks in the American charts R&B in 1981, and which with each time I listen to it gives banana."
Check out his beautiful site (click HERE for an English translation). It is sure to give banana.