Monday, May 24, 2004


We have tons of love to share at Bang & Burn. We even have some to spare. This is why were thrilled to be invited to join the new A MILLION LOVE SONGS mp3 project. You cannot get enough love, but you may be questioning that concept as you get close to an actual million songs about it on your iTunes. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
We were a bit anxious about our first entry for the new blog, and we decided on Take That's 'Once You've Tasted Love'. Problem was, Take That have the very first song already (the page's namesake) so we decided to go with Ant & Dec's 'When I Fall In Love', which sounds like an early Take That tune.
It was difficult to leave the Take Take song on the back burner, so we offer it to you now in all its gay glory. Go on, take a taste...


MORE CONNECTIONS! It seems a few other sites have tasted us and liked what they found. Very special thanks to our friends at LOWCULTURE.CO.UK, along with ENTHUSIASTIC BUT MEDIOCRE, INTO THE GROOVE and JONNY'S SITE for adding links to us.